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About the campground
Wind n Wood at sunset
Wind ‘n’ Wood at sunset with the permanent Maypole in the distance.

The Campground is an organic teaching garden and Pagan sanctuary. It is the home of Witch Academy and Practical Witch. The name of the sanctuary is Wind ‘n’ Wood—said as you would “rock n roll” or “fish n chips.”

Our mission is to show how abandoned, abused, and deserted places can be recovered and flourish. Just like people. The sanctuary is here to preserve the land and create a natural area for Pagans and Witches to gather and worship in a safe space, in harmony with nature. Proceeds from campsite reservations go directly to the property to build shelters, expand the foodbank orchard, and mow camping and ritual areas.

Wind ‘n’ Wood sits on 10 acres of land where herbs such as yarrow, mugwort, wormwood, and passionflower are grown for use in ritual incense, teas, and other magical creations. The growing method does not look like an ordinary garden because the sanctuary is an experiment in integrated cultivation (rather than monoculture cropping). The property is also a demonstration of the Earth’s incredible ability to heal itself quickly with a little human assistance. It was logged around 25-35 years ago. When the property was obtained, only pioneer and secondary species of plants could be seen, and now tertiary species and rare Ouachita natives are present.

Commercial hog farming created EPA violations that were lifted only a year after the sanctuary was created in 2012. If you’d like more information about land recovery using phytoremediation (plants) and mycoremediation (fungi) techniques, your host will be happy to share ideas and resources. One acre still houses the concrete slabs from two barns. This area is restricted as there may be rebar sticking out of concrete, along with uneven surfaces.

There are a few small fenced areas marked TEST AREA that should not be disturbed. If you’d like more information about what is being done in these areas, just ask your host (but be warned, she’s a plant nerd and may talk your ear off).

  • You will be required to sign a Waiver And Release Of Liability. This is a standard waiver that you’ll see at other campgrounds and events.
  • Each campsite reservation can have up to 5 people.
  • You must abide by all rules and policies. The FAQs below cover specific rules, events, refunds, and all other policies.
  • You can stay up to 7 days any time between April 4th and April 14th.
  • Do not attach anything to the trees. If you need to hang a hammock, contact Friday Gladheart ahead of time and she will set poles for you.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items or accidents.
  • Leave your campsite the same way you found it. No trash, camp gear, etc. should remain.
  • Children are not allowed and everyone must be 18 years of age or older. (There will be one small child on-site, a family relation)
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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